1. How do I access the mobile site?

Open the internet browser on your phone and type in: http://m.screendaily.com. If you bookmark this page, you won't need to type in the address in future. Alternatively, if you try to access a page on the desktop site using a mobile phone, you should be automatically redirected to the mobile site version of that page.

2. How much will it cost?

We will not charge you to access m.screendaily.com, it is a free mobile service. However, depending on the contract you have, your network provider may charge you to access the internet on your phone. If you are not sure whether your service includes internet access — sometimes referred to as data charges — please ask your network provider. You may find some costs are included in your existing price plan or that you can opt for a “data package” or “data packet” monthly fee to get cheaper access.

Some areas of the site can only be read by current subscribers. You can find out how to subscribe here

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