Rabbit's Killing next for Jayasundara

Paris-based Sri Lankan director Vimukthi Jayasundara’s next feature will be a tale of homecoming set in Galle, a port-city in southern Sri Lanka. 

Rabbit's Killing next for Jayasundara

The film - which has the working title Rabbit’s Killing - is about an ethnic group in Sri Lanka called ‘Burgers’ who are male-line descendants of European colonists and left for Australia, the UK and US after Sri Lanka won independence. Rabbit’s Killing chronicles the journey of a woman in her mid-fifties who lives in the US and wants to return to her house in Sri Lanka.

“I have been living outside Sri Lanka for about fifteen years. I understand very well what homecoming is,” said Jayasundara. “It’s about this woman’s emotional baggage, memories of her childhood and her internal conflicts.”

French company Unlimited Productions, which has produced Jayasundara’s earlier films Between Two Worlds (2008) and The Forsaken Land (2004), has also boarded Rabbit’s Killing. The film is expected to shoot at the end of 2013.

“Unlike my other films, it will be quite mainstream and have an international cast,” said Jayasundara.

Jayasundara’s 33-minute film Light In The Yellow Breathing Space is competing in Muhr AsiaAfrica Shorts here in DIFF.

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